Fantastical 3.0

Much more than just a calendar. It’s Fantastical.

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 29, 2020
Fantastical has a brand new user interface with multiple views, including detailed (and beautiful) full screen views for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
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I’ve purchased every paid upgrade so far, but switching to a subscription model for the same features I already paid for is a mistake in my opinion. Especially since this is a calendar app, not a service that provides on-going value for over time. If you had released a paid upgrade, even at $60, I would have gladly paid for it. Sorry.
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@andrewdavidj I agree. I can't believe they removed time to leave notifications, and the app is now full of ads to make you upgrade.
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@andrewdavidj calendar app literally provides on-going value as you use it every day :)
@andrewdavidj @y_molodtsov So the argument is here, if you want to use an app regularly, you have to pay for it. Bottom line - you pay for the usage ^^... Do I get a different rate, if I only open the app once a week?! :-)
@andrewdavidj @davisonio I agree, how they added the paid features is pretty bad. Especially in the beginning, you get a lot of these upgrade messages, because you just tapped at the wrong place.
@y_molodtsov Nope. You’re misunderstanding. The app does not offer NEW value to warrant an on-going payment plan. Think of it this way: I pay monthly for Netflix and, in return, I get access to new shows and movies every month. Will Fantastical add new features every month? Probably not. I won’t be using it differently every month, I won’t be getting more out of my calendar next year than I did last year. Fantastical gets a major upgrade every 3-4 years, right? And I paid $60 for v1 and then another $60 for v2. Each lasted 3-4 years so that’s a cost of $15-$20 per year. But v3 is asking me to pay $60 for ONE year and, assuming it’s another 3-4 years before the next paid upgrade, that’s a cost of $180-$240. That’s an insane amount to pay for access to a CALENDAR.
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TLDR: Don’t update, or purchase from this company unless you like paying multiple times for progressively less features. Why has this been a terrible launch? 1. Existing Fantastical 2 users who had already paid per device now have to pay (again) subs to access features they previously had. 2. The following features have been removed from fantastical 2 users: ❌ day/week/month/year full screen view ❌ time to leave notifications ❌ apple watch viewing ( you now need to make an account to do this?! ❌ shared calendar change notifications ❌ push updates ❌ calendar sync ❌family sync - previously, one account was needed, however now, each user needs to purchase a subscription. so if you have a family, each one must sub. 3. Either the marketing team was not aware the old features were being removed. or they are just playing dumb. Either way, this is just awful execution and no one is getting answers. They started making a FAQ about the update when they saw existing customers were biting back. So what do existing fantastical 2 users actually get? 1. Weather in the app, for the current and next couple of days 2. constant reminders to upgrade 3. reduced functionality. 4. the pleasure of creating an account so you can use your Apple watch app again. Why are users frustrated/mad? 1. People pay for fixed price as they wish to own the product.There's a reason they paid that initial premium over sub based alternatives. 2. Sneaky pricing, showing only the monthly cost and not yearly (on website). - $3.33/month-> $40/yr (33% save due to annual billing) - £4.99/month -> $60/yr on standard monthly. 3. Fantastical has released this app as a forced upgrade to fantastical 2, thereby eliminating ownership. Has this happened before and are there good examples of better companies? 1. Strongapp tried to milk it's existing user base dry too. Then backlash occured and they realised that this was a bad idea. They gave lifetime subs to people who previously paid for a complete app. 2. Mindnode gave pre-existing paid users a lifetime upgrade whilst new customers will go towards their sub model. The new features are great, however they should have been released as a seperate app. If there is anything I've gotten wrong, please do let me know and I'll correct this.
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@manny_orduna 100%. This is a clear and honest take on the app's situation and I fully agree with it.
@manny_orduna This is a spot on summary. I assumed it'd be a new app (Fantastical 3.0) on iOS, instead I wake to find old features gone and annoying high levels of ad-like ugprade messages.
@bensleveritt maybe the maker @macguitar can respond to criticisms instead of ignoring his existing customers. It would be great to understand why certain decisions were made. Do an #AMA on #Reddit or something.
Flexibits is asking me to pay a $60/year subscription for an application that doesn't appear to have any additional features beyond the application I'm already using and don't have to pay a subscription for??? No thank you. Fantastical 2 works just fine.
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@magnuson Yeah, for me, the update also doesn't contain any feature, that I am interested in. In the past, they didn't add a lot features to Fantastical, so I am curious, how will it be with the subscription model. I can see subscribing to that service, but only if they turn up the pace and also bundle it with Cardhob.
Long time Fantastical user here - I'm disappointed in the shift to subscription model. I would have gladly paid a one time upgrade fee.
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@_darindoria Yup, I feel the same.
Oh goody! Yet another subscription! Don't get me wrong, I know devs need to get paid, but what happened to a good old upgrade price?
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@craigcpaterson this software subscription business is going out of hands, there has to be a better way to do it other than making us pay for it. With so many subscriptions I see we will end up paying $1000 per month just to keep our computer usable...
@craigcpaterson @ajimix That is precisely my comment below. This has gone too wild.. :[