Fanny Pack

Fastest way to share venue details right from your keyboard

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Upvoted for the name alone. ๐Ÿ˜ But more seriously, I'm excited to see how the custom keyboard space evolves. It's still very nascent and Apple frankly hasn't built a great UX to install and use them. I hope we see less friction in iOS 9.
@rrhoover Agree with the bad UI of installing custom keyboards. I've come across a few recently (e.g. that app developers can actually incorporate into their apps; this way users don't have to install anything extra.
Hey there PH. After seeing some really creative implementations of third-party keyboards for iOS (most notably, Sunrise's Meet), we wanted to build something that would take advantage of the split-screen experience. We realized almost anytime we wanted to schedule a coffee, plan drinks or simply provide complete information for a venue, it was a long (20+ seconds) and clunky app-switching process to find the details (name, address, url) of the place you were meeting. We're not exaggerating, we think this is the norm for many people at least 5-10x/week --> Fanny Pack allows you to lookup the name, address, url of any venue within seconds and without having to leave the chat context you are in. It's best used as a lookup of the underlying information rather than an open ended search, "coffee". Here's a look --> We've found it very natural to use the past month in a variety of ways. Ultimately anytime you, a colleague or group is referencing an offline location, there's no need to leave them hanging or wondering just exactly where it is or how they can learn more. Very much open to feedback or tech questions - Matthew Ng and Dave Xiang are awesome iOS engineers. Few pro-tips (that will give improved onboarding in future updates) - Enable full access - Double tap on results to share the url, single tap for just name + address - Search outside your immediate location using the Pin button
I've been using this for a week or two and it has come in super handy
As an avid Foursquare user, this is going to be an awesome tool!
@dja1o Thanks Daniel, let me know if it actually turns out to be one for ya! :)
Have been able to use this for a week or so, and I have to say that the use case is instantly evident. When coordinating meeting up with anyone, location information is often discussed- and Fannypack makes it easy to share the information all from within your text. You don't have to send links, look up addresses, or share screenshots- it is intuitive, and just works. Great job, I look forward to seeing the product evolve!