Fan Bits

A DIY crypto-collectible creation platform

Fan Bits is a platform that allows creators to turn their content into crypto-collectible in minutes. Crypto-collectibles are digital assets that are provably scarce, provide a chain of custody and guarantee authenticity. Fan Bits allows creators to instantly tokenize content, list it on our marketplace, and earn Ethereum on each sale.

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
LOL @ the @justinkan collectibles. Well played. We should create a collection of Product Hunt kitty collectibles. 🤔
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Dave Pekar
Product Manager, Entrepreneur
Hey PH - I'm Dave, CEO of Rare Bits :) We originally launched Rare Bits, a marketplace for crypto-collectibles like CryptoKitties, and now we’re excited to launch Fan Bits, the first platform for anyone to create and sell their own crypto-collectibles. Fan Bits empowers any creator to tokenize their content, instantly put it up for auction, and earn Ethereum on every sale (even in secondary sales between fans)! You can read our launch post here: We’ll be around all day answering any questions you have. Feedback welcome!
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Michael YangA follower of crypto-world

I love how the website arrange the design and contents. It not only looks cool, but also have powerful feature that allow me to do trade quickly.


great ui design and very accessible to use