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I work with a lot of YouTube influencers/creators on promotional campaigns and it is always an arduous and manual process. Nonetheless, the results are worth the trouble. I recently discovered FameBit, which is a platform that automates this process, and for the first time, lets advertisers and marketers scale this channel. Influencers need the money (integrations pay much better than pre-roll), and advertisers/marketers need a way to scale YouTube influencer integrations that doesn't require dedicated headcount. I believe FameBit came out of the first 500 Startups LA class (cc @davemcclure) Founder is on the thread today if anyone has questions, his name is David (@dkierzkowski). cc @rrhoover
this is one of my favorite new companies. i think they are absolutely gonna crush it.
@eriktorenberg - We currently target Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle/Home and expanding into Gaming as we speak. - We are not an MCN but a marketplace, so we do not compete with the MCNs as a result we "can" collaborate with them. Lets leave it at that for now ;)
@dkierzkowski have you talked to the RocketJump guys yet? They're prime if you're going into the gamer space. Just emailed them a link to your site.
I'm a big fan of the product + team. These guys are going to do for video what AdSense did for search. If you look at the space, content is clearly taking off but monetization is lagging. For example, to justify the $1bn acquisition, Maker is going to have to figure out how to move brand dollars online. I think FameBit has a pretty good shot at being that solution.
@pt Maker and Fullscreen do have their own in-house versions of FameBit but they are limited to their networks. Selling integrations is a huge business for them because it is not (yet) subject to YouTube's revenue share, and it is way more lucrative than pre-roll when you work it back to a CPM. FameBit will be successful if they build an agnostic platform that is direct to influencer and circumvents the networks. MCNs will give every indication that they're interested in partnering but they are unlikely to onboard their creators to a platform they don't own because that is their proprietary inventory. I can (maybe) see them doing it with remnant inventory, using FameBit as an exchange, but that's about it. The other challenge FameBit will have is onboarding influencers that have existing network relationships, which are all the meaningful ones with few exceptions, as they're becoming more and more contractually bound to exclusives. The real opportunity then becomes owning the long tail of 30,000 creators, versus playing for the 300 creators at the top of the 3,000 creators at the torso. That is something the networks aren't well equipped to do, although Fullscreen continues to work at it. @dkierzkowski do you see a day where I can buy integrations with a Kandee Johnson, Bethany Mota, AndreasChoice via FameBit? Today I can do that 2 ways, either through the network sales team or direct to creator (although direct to creator is becoming less accessible).
@guygal Great find! @dkierzkowski Any plans on going into the fitness vertical?
hey @dkierzkowski tell us a bit about the space. 1) what type of influencers + brands are you guys working with? 2) often labels will ay that youtube popularity is ephemeral and only exists on youtube (e.g. not on tv commercials) what do you say back? 3) how do you guys work within the existing MCN structure? do you collaborate or work around them?
@eriktorenberg always great questions! David may not have commenting privileges
@guygal as always great post :D i logged dave in!
@eriktorenberg thank you! I've always wanted to be a PH volume poster, but alas, I'll settle for value posts!