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this is cool, well made site with nice effect. I popped in a random dream i made up, it gave me back some even more random artwork. Love it.
Good move by IBM. Not sure why the dream sphere doesn't get the attention it deserves. I believe that's one of the most untouched eras with a huge potential. I'm waiting for the day that companies start tackling fields like learning while dreaming, off-line memory reprocessing, dream analysis etc..
This is a glorified Flash project from 10 years ago as a front end for exceedingly simplistic 'semantic analysis'. Dream in, garbage out.
@shloky I think you meant sentiment analysis.
@_vojto @shloky no, doesn't he mean semantic analysis? Isn't this interpretation of text for psychological aspects?
It's really cool designed, but I'm not sure if that's how my dream looks like :)