Fake News Monitor

A trustworthiness score to rank websites

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Fake news is a real problem. This extension will generate a 1-10 trustworthiness score for each visited site. A notification will be triggered if a site is very likely to be unreliable (below 5 points). The app icon in the extensions bar will change the status based on the site’s score. A green check mark icon will be displayed if the score is between 8-10, a yellow question mark icon will be displayed if score is 6 or 7 and a red “X” icon will be shown in case the score is under 5. We use different sources and methods to assess the quality of the content, such as Alexa.com data, third party blacklists and a custom made "fake news sites" database.
@geraldoramos Love this idea, would love to chat to you about how you went about it, your uX thoughts etc. We are exploring this at http://factmata.com/. Email is dhruv.ghulati@factmata.com.
Update: Now satires websites will have a different icon and will be flagged separately...
Is there plans to allow users to rate websites?
@gholias you can do that: https://fakenewsmonitor.org. It goes to a database and is processed (but it obviously will not blacklist all sites people report)
@gholias in the future the idea is to incorporate the report in the extension as well...
@geraldoramos I liked the idea a lot, thanks
Thanks for sharing this. A very useful tool.
very useful extension, thanks