The sustainable travel app

Find local and authentic places. Have a positive impact.

FairTrip is a free and collaborative travel app to find authentic places while having a positive impact on the visited place.

Share places in one tap and become an actor for change promoting fair and sustainable travel.

Together, let's change the world by traveling!

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Hey @brian_corrieri, Tell us more about this app and how it differs from other travel apps out there.
Hey @jacqvon ! Thanks for asking! Well, FairTrip is a free, collaborative and sustainable travel guide. FairTrip is actually the first travel app that puts guidelines promoting fair and sustainable tourism before referencing any place on the app. Places referenced on FairTrip need to follow one or more of the following criteria: - To be compatible with the cultural, natural and architectural local heritage. - To be involved in the social economy, promoting social and professional integration. - To take part in the short food supply chains. - To be owned or run by people belonging to the local community. - To employ people belonging to the local community, pay them a fair wage, and with decent working conditions. ​- To give back a significant amount of its profits to the local community or use it towards actions in its favor. ​- Practicing a reasonable and transparent pricing policy. Besides, FairTrip is collaborative : anyone can add a place in one tap, even while being offline! It'll be reviewed by our team and then added to the app if it meets our guidelines. And of course, you can submit reviews of any places you visited, and tell your friends about it so that together, we can act to make a difference and have a positive impact wherever we go!
@jacqvon Forgot to mention that FairTrip is also designed to help travelers find local and authentic places, like a local restaurant where locals go or a homestay in a village, to discover the local culture through unforgettable and real experiences. Those kind of local places don't benefit from tourism today, and that's why FairTrip can bring everyone together to change this simply by putting them on the app, and then supporting them just by visiting.
No account creation needed is key for apps like this.
@rueter That's right! And that's actually the case with FairTrip ;) No account creation is needed. Our goal is to allow everyone to access fair and sustainable places everywhere in the world so we can have a the biggest impact, together!