Painless bill splitting 💰

FairPay is the easiest and fastest way to split the bill for groups of all sizes. FairPay is fast, always correct, always adds up perfectly.

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Okay Hunters, I'm pretty excited about this one. It's something my friend @seanparkross has been pouring countless hours into, and definitely deserves some Hunt airtime! Fairpay is a painless, accurate and fast bill splitting app that I've been using for a while now already, helping me get on top of some pretty complex bill splits in the last few months. My take: 🚗 The simple UX means it's fast 💰 It's actually saved me money once or twice 🙌 It's kept myself and my friends happy From the maker: FairPay is the easiest and fastest way to split the bill for groups of all sizes. FairPay is always correct, always adds up and is super fast. Slide a person up or down depending on whether they had more or less than average and everyone else is adjusted accordingly. Fine tune the total for any person by adding, subtracting, moving amounts or setting them exactly. Round off, lock and share with the table using your favourite messaging app. The bigger the group, the better it works. FairPay is totally free. You can send us a tip if we helped!
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@marcperel This was always what I envisioned Split/Bill to be all those years ago. Nice work @seanparkross
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@marcperel @byronrode Thank-you Byron! Really appreciate it. My first app, many features to add and a Android version to finish but I'm stoked it's finally launched. If you have suggestions for anything please send my way.
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Hey @seanparkross, I just downloaded it and after a first try I know it will be useful. Split the bill for groups could be an awkward moment, it's better to make it fast and elegant.
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@yesnoornext Thanks! I'm stoked that you can see the potential. I've got a bunch of features planned to make it even quicker and/or more powerful. (Love the reader app by the way) -Sean
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Hey Product Hunt! Thanks @marcperel for the hunt! The backstory: about a year ago I went out with a big group, about 12 people, to a tapas restaurant and when the bill came we decided to split it. But there were a couple people that had a lot more than others and some that had a lot less. It took about half an hour to sort, was super painful, ruined the vibe of the evening and it still wasn’t right in the end. So long story short, I learned how to code and built this app to make sort those situations out. I might have called it “Split the Rest” or something, because basically, instead of itemising everything like a lot of other apps do, it just let’s you set people who want to pay a specific amount and everyone else just splits the remainder. It doesn’t have to be exact, it’s just super fast and easy. So as not to ruin evenings or friendships! Hope you like it!
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@seanparkross dig the UI :) very cool dude, did you code this natively or use one of those hybrid frameworks?
@jeffrey_pearce Hey Jeff. This is all 100% native Swift
Love the UI!
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Nice app! Congrats!
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