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I thought Cloudflare did this for free?
When your website goes offline, for whatever reason, Failswitch will automatically detect this and re-route all traffic to a static copy of your site until the original version comes back online.
This looks neats. My biggest concern was trusting them with my DNS, so it's comforting to see that address in the FAQ: > "Why should I trust Failswitch with my DNS? Well, you don’t have to! We have partnered with one of the most reliable DNS providers out there; DNS Made Easy. DNS is such a critical part of running a web site, we wouldn’t feel comfortable with anything less then the best! We have been using DME for nearly a decade and we wouldn’t even consider using another provider!" A slightly ironic bug - on the second carousel slide "View Plans & Pricing" goes to which 404s.
@Taylor Edminston Tnx for pointing out that faulty link; all fixed up now :) @Ian Hunter Just had a closer look at exactly what CloudFlare is offering these days, but wasn't able to locate anything like a site failover product (then again, might have overlooked it). Do you have a link the info talking about this product? Tnx!
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