A social avatar game for Gen Z with 4M+ downloads 🔥

Facemoji lets you create an "AR you" i.e. a digital avatar that you can overlay on photos and videos. It allows users, esp. Gen Z, to "be whoever you want to be" and have fun with it. It uses expression tracking tech we've built from scratch 🤓
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Facemoji has come so far — finally offering video recording AR-overlays!
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@chrismessina Thanks for the hunt 🙏 took us almost a year to get the tracking into something that works 😬🤓
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tl;dr—how Facemoji started, why, where it's going and SDK announcement 🚨👇 Why "game", right? At first, I was wondering myself... but then I found out that's how Gen Z call apps. This was a year ago when when we started to receive initial feedback on an early version of Facemoji. Social apps these days are more like games, and games are more like social apps. We were on to something, I thought! Here’s a short backstory on how Facemoji started… I like to build/design internet things and I've been doing this since 2000s when my Quake clan needed a website. Turns out I wasn't that bad at it and made websites for other clans too. Eventually I started a small shop, and through the community of makers in Czech Republic I met Tom. He also liked to build stuff and because he knew how to code, we started to build apps together in our free time. After years of designing websites, the iPhone came along and I got intrigued by the fixed screen size. I was lucky to sell my shop and moved to U.S. to help startups build apps. I'm remote by default, never worked in an office. That meant a lot of video chats and I wasn't very happy about it because I'm very camera shy 🤓 Me being me, I had to do something about it and I tried to build a better chat app for remote teams. It never took off, but I realized that video is the best communication channel for remote teams. So how can I do a video call with all it's benefits over voice but not actually be there? Initially I experimented with basic filters, then style transfer but in the end I made a bet on avatars. It was the only way how I can really be in charge of my likeness. From text emoticons on IRC (discord of the 2000s), to emojis and face filters on mobile; I saw avatars as the next phase of this evolution. This was circa 5 years ago and with all the advancements in the avatar space since that core belief only intensified—communication evolves with technology. Everything we do at Facemoji HQ is only possible because the technology is more accessible than 5 years ago. And the kicker is, we're still at the very beginning! Now fast forward to 2017, and given my gaming background + eSports picking up some momentum (Discord ftw), I thought maybe streamers on Twitch would use avatars... turns out that wasn't the case (but I’m very optimistic about the next gen of streamers!) and we pivoted to where we are now—social avatars for anyone. It might start as a “game” right now for Gen Z, but it isn’t the endgame... they will go on to define how the social space will look like for the next 10 years ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So yeah, we’re pretty bullish on avatars. Oh and btw, if you want avatars (e.g. profile pics 💅) or expression tracking for your app—we got you! DMs are open or click bellow and join the pilot for the SDK! 🚨 https://facemoji.typeform.com/to... 🚨 AMA 😎
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I've been using Facemoji for last couple of months as a default app for creating selfies! Works great and now with the video :)


Video 😍😍😍; Great quality of avatars; Works even on older iPhones; Tons of content; Stellar UX


Would be awesome if I could purchase an unique content so I can distinguish myself from others.

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Been using it to make great pictures for ages. And now video. I got xmass with every update...


Brilliant, fun, simple, free


Can add more stuff. Always can add more stuff :) But they got a ton in the app already...

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Hi Esher, great to see long time users! Let us know what other accessories would you fancy. We are working on even more hairstyles now (already have 60, whew), and some bonus fun accessories.
It's alive! @robinraszka @tomkrcha, what's been the biggest surprise so far? Facemoji has changed so much since we first spoke nearly two years ago. 😊
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@tomkrcha @rrhoover Yeah, a lot happened since then... it's been🎢😅 I think without a doubt it has to be the weird ways how Gen Z do online these days especially when they have an avatar to play with. They really like to design people... it's kinda like minecraft. We find interesting accounts/post/hack on IG every day, like this one http://instagram.com/facemoji.fa... (cute alert)