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Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
Haha - curious to see how this would stack up with a big company and over 100 employees! In the screenshots, it only gives you 4 options of first names... what if people have the same name? @mrtnkcr Can you tell us why you built this? Are you just actually terrible at remembering peoples names? :p
Martin KuceraMaker@mrtnkcr · Product Manager, Kiwi.com
@bentossell Yeah, you totally nailed it - as you can see, I didn't even make it to the leaderboard :-)) FaceMatch started as an internal project in STRV, we are growing rapidly and this app became a part of our onboarding process. We currently have well over 150 people, I wonder how the app would work in a 500+ team. If someone can test it in a large company, we would be happy for a feedback! And to answer your last question - there should never appear the same name twice, we've considered this situation ;-)
Todd Bradley@tbrad054
@mrtnkcr @bentossell This is awesome. We've got about that many people here at @vaynermedia and are playing around with it now. Off the bat it seems to give a lot of repeats. Is that because it is only cycling through people who have profile photos? (cc/ @alexmulhearn)
Martin KuceraMaker@mrtnkcr · Product Manager, Kiwi.com
@tbrad054 yes, the app only pulls the data for the people with a profile photo - for those without a photo the game makes no sense :-) the repeating images will be fixed in the upcoming build. did you guys try it in your company? who's the leader? :-)
Todd Bradley@tbrad054
@mrtnkcr @bentossell still testing it out a bit, really dig the concept! so far @alexmulhearn is winning with 29.
Martin KuceraMaker@mrtnkcr · Product Manager, Kiwi.com
Hey, it's Martin from STRV here! Thank you Product Hunt for featuring FaceMatch today! The app started as our internal project - our company is growing super fast and we needed a simple tool to learn our new colleagues' names. (And we've also had a lot of fun in the office trying to beat each other :-) ). Then we realized there are many companies trying to solve the same problem. We shared the app with our friends in Skypicker (no.1 on Product Hunt in December 2014) as well as other teams and they were thrilled. This week, FaceMatch is going public and we'll be happy if you guys use it and share your feedback!