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Facebook is building Ready Player One's OASIS. 😎 Excited to play with this.
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@rrhoover Having just reread it, it's remarkable how close we're getting especially with Haptic gloves/suits in development too (by other companies)
@rrhoover I was literally about to post that, but not in a positive way :)
@rrhoover I was waiting for this.... I have prepared a new technology wide-angle selfie - @panoLite )) for remind friends that there is a real world)))
@rrhoover Yeah, but with one big difference: pseudonymity. A key aspect of the OASIS was that people could be anyone they wanted to be in VR. Facebook is intent on you staying "you." How else will they monetize you?
This is soooo Black Mirror
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Facebook Spaces is a much friendlier interpretation of The Matrix than the movie.
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Can't wait to start watching Facebook VR Stories 👻
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Second Life for the new millenium.
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