Facebook Sixth Sense

Know when your friends start writing to you

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Clever idea, @Morhaus. Here's his blog post about the Chrome Extension. It's also open source. I'm also a fan of the Ghost for Facebook Chrome Extension.
@rrhoover @morhaus The extension is brilliant! Good job! I wonder how long it will be until Facebook finds about it and pushes a fix / tries to get the Extension down. Also, I think it's a bit buggy as well, doesn't always work... Made a test with one of my friends yesterday and it didn't appear that he typed unless he sent the message.
@rrhoover @morhaus Thanks for the mention Ryan! This app looks so cool :)
Not sure if this is creepy or genius
The writeup about making this extension is also fascinating http://kirszenberg.com/facebook-...
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Been needing an extension like this for ages. Thanks!