Facebook Share and Save Extensions

Share and save things to Facebook from your Chrome browser

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I wish facebook would not only allow to save but also to share easily with other apps
@nico Did you see their other new chrome extension? Allows you to "Easily share any link to Facebook, Groups, and Messenger" https://chrome.google.com/websto...
@dillon1337 yes. Everthing goes into facebook but nothing gets out of it. Like to pocket or whatever.
@nico True, but you can understand why they wouldn't want that.
@dillon1337 I sure do, but I still don't like it :)
@nico @dillon1337 +1! Most of my read-later stuff is saved to Pocket. Wish FB would let me keep it that way.
This positions Facebook Save as a real challenger to Pocket. I'm using it massively more than Pocket, just because it's already in my Facebook conscious and FB sends me reminders to check stuff that I saved now and again.
@_jacksmith Same for me. I always forgot to check Pocket, but I check my Facebook saves daily. I just wish it wasn't so buried.
Facebook announced it's Save button at f8 not long ago and within 24 hours @eyal_weiss created an unofficial Chrome extension. Today Facebook introduced two official Chrome extensions (along with redesigned like, share, and follow buttons). Google launched a Save to Google Chrome extension 2 months ago too.
@rrhoover I guess "move fast" doesn't apply to Facebook anymore..
@rrhoover "break things" still does.
Let's centralize things even more with Facebook!
This is amazing. When I was working on the Google +1 button, we came up with the same set of buttons (I was opposed to the +1 verb, but whatevs).