Preventive Health is a new tool on Facebook that connects people to health resources and checkup recommendations from leading health organizations.
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At this point, it's so hard to trust Facebook with anything and now they're going after our healthcare? It's just puzzling that there's nothing there to stop them from trying to take over the world 🙈 Curious what other people think about this 🤔
@amrith well really its up to us the users. As long as we keep shrugging and keep using their products, they ll keep making them.
@amrith don't use their products will stop all of this and also the crazy coverage they get by the media. tumblr, myspace are still alive and launching products, but since no one uses them no one cares.
It's just data... Not sure why people are worried that an app is helping them keep tabs on their blood pressure.
@pdxbrent Data is Power.
@allanrevah yes power to monitor your health too though? (Kind of playing devil's advocate here) sure, make sure the data is anonimized back to the actual participant, but other then that, I dont care if FB thinks it believes my BP is 130/90 but if they sell that info to a third party for bp med info for ads without HIPAA approval, FB could be bent over a barrel
@pdxbrent Insurance companies plan on using this data to penalize and reward patients based on their activity. That’s where the big money is as far as I know.
@allanrevah yeah, I definitely get that concern. About 7 years ago I worked at a health information company that worked with many insurance companies and targeting was a high concern because of what you also have expressed. That's where the HIPAA laws in the United States would limit it and we abided by it. (Also PII laws.. Personal Identifying Info was protected in reports and we didnt allow targets that went to lower than 10 participants, at that time, and we anonimized PII when required) you'd be surprised though what people offer up for a $100 discount/reward on their own to the providers which HIPAA won't stop them from offering their own data.
@pdxbrent Short-Term Rewards, heh? That's another problem with tech today
So if the news app wasn't startling enough, here you have a healthcare app. What's the strategy?
Is anyone else slightly concerned with giving Facebook access to their PHI?
I'll rather use my Apple Health with my watch then this.