One of the most highly anticipated features from the launch of Messenger 4, dark mode is a sleek new look that goes easy on the eyes so you can use the Messenger features you love no matter when or where you are.
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More of a feature than a product. Just saying.
who is still using using facebook in 2019? πŸ˜† It's not like they are not f"cking up the world
@imromains so what. Lots of people use Messenger for its practicality. Almost everyone I know uses it. Personally, I prefer Telegram but literally about 3 people I know use it. I could convince my close friends to use it just to talk with me, but what do I do when I need to contact someone I'm not very close with? 99% of the time, that someone is on facebook, which gives me a super convenient way to contact them.
@anna_0x I understand what you mean, but that's not a reason to continue to use a bad / with really poor ethics company. I was on facebook, messenger and all the other stuff they own. I deleted my account more than 2 years ago now. If really people want to talk to you, they will find a way to do it :) Most of my friends are now using emails again, it works exactly the same. For the people who can't be bothered, itprobably means they can't be bothered to even really talk to you on messenger... They make it look like their system is convenient and you will loose too much by not using it.. but in reality it's not true. Got to agree for telegram tho, it's so so good! Maybe spam your friends to use telegram, and see what happens :P
@imromains the problem is not people who want to talk to me. It's the people that I want to talk to. Say I want to ask somebody something. I am the one reaching out, the one initiating the conversation. of course I can tell my friends that if they want to text me they should use telegram but I cannot tell that to the people that I want to message out of the blue. That's the convenience of messenger. It's one day I suddenly want to message anybody, chances are that they are on Facebook.
@anna_0x so does your need of reaching people is more important than your privacy, country stability etc? Anyway, I think using services like FB implies more negative things than a need of just wanting to message random people once in a while because "you might need to". I'm gonna use a stupid example; it's like driving a car drunk, of course you can do it, but it means you will probably one day be impacted by such a behavior or influence / impact other people's lives just because you wanted to drive drunk. Get 1 billion people to do that at the same time, the result will be (and already is) really bad for those people and everyone else πŸ€—
@imromains @anna_0x so you're saying it's alright for Facebook to literally destroy societies Myanmar and other countless examples. Just because it's more practical... lot's a people eat mcdonalds but should we all ?
All of the genocide in Myanmar, destruction of sovereignty, and collapse of Western democracy, none of the eye strain! Thanks, Facebook!
@chrisdolle I was just going to say that lol
It looks super nice, every app should adopt this
Alternative...Deleting Facebook πŸ˜‚
@outboxai been delete that πŸ’©