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Explore Facebook Live broadcasts from around the world 🌏

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Not working for lil ol' me in the UK 😭
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@bentossell for me too 😞
@bentossell for me too - Czech Republic. What a shame...
@bentossell It will be rolling out in a couple of weeks. Hold tight!
Hi all, I'm Hanna a product designer at Facebook working on the LIVE map. Would love to hear your feedback on the LIVEmap. This is something we built internally at first and we found it so useful that we wanted to share it with the world. Right now the map is only available from the US but we will be rolling it out more broadly in a few weeks. Bare with us. :D Thanks to my awesome team: @alexcornell @meeshamash @giff63 Howard, Mike, Coby and all people on the LIVE team!
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@hannakulin @alexcornell @meeshamash @giff63 It might be an obvious one, but why launch it US only? It's a map afterall, and we had the live video features for a long time rolled out (at least in Scandinavia). Is it for scalability reasons, or just a general strategy over at Facebook? Could you share with us the exact reason?
@hannakulin I'm in the US and it's 404ing. How do you determine where a user is from?
Love this way of discovering livestreaming videos. Brb, teleporting to Tunisia. Also relevant: this deep dive on Facebook Live video by Buzzfeed's @mat.
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@rrhoover @mat Really a step up from periscope's approach. I like that it shows the more popular streams larger. I wish they could turn the popular ones to red.
@rrhoover @mat Thank you! This means a lot to us!
This is a cool launch from the Facebook Live Team! I made GIF.
@nivo0o0 Thank you, and thanks for doing this GIF! :D
Facebook is placing a HUGE emphasis on both Youtube and Periscope's areas... with their big move in the app! http://stfi.re/gndgjr