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There was an article on TechCrunch about this yesterday h/t @joshconstine (who we have on for a LIVE Chat tomorrow!) 400,000 new stories and 125,000 comments on public posts are shared every minute on Facebook. DeepText will help Facebook analyze several thousand per second across 20 languages with near-human accuracy. DeepText will obviously make a big impact in Messenger, but that means scanning your private messages... Regardless, it will be interesting to see this develop
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@bentossell @joshconstine It's evolution baby... ♫
Presentation of DeepText by Facebook
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@yassinelanda Thx. As soon as I saw the YT logo on a FB video though, I felt like it was blasphemy lol
No open source? Seems Google's Syntaxnet is more interesting. But an arxiv paper could help
@darkolorin Would be nice if they share some practical research results and make it open source instead of just telling there're now using it.
This is a fantastic use case:
I agree, I think Parsey McParseface is more open, so inherently more useful outside of FB's walled in garden.