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Facebook's Tools Creators welcomes a new community helping video

creators level up on Facebook.

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I installed it and it’s exactly like Facebook’s Page app. Nothing new in it.
@scottwyden The app appears to still be linking to Mentions, but seems like it's going to be it's own stand alone at some point unless they're just adding all of this into it
@scottwyden Was wondering the same. How different is it going to be as compared to Facebook Pages or Facebook Mentions (the app available for celebrities)?
Is anyone else able to move forward on the application? I click on "let's do this" button, but it doesn't respond.
@arunsathiya Yes l am in but only for personal profile and personal name page does not allow for brands
Look forward to playing with this!
Will this kill YouTube?
@ravsydney it's certainly going after the YouTube creator audience but as shown in the video announcement, they're positioning Facebook as a more accessible platform for people to share their talents and interests, not just for professional creators and celebrities. People like sweater guy!
@rrhoover Agreed. People go to YouTube to consume video content. Whereas this is geared more towards creating and sharing with friends. In a way it complements FB Live.
@rrhoover @ravsydney i was thinking the same, wonder if this means facebook with start monetizing LIVE broadcasts & live content?
Ha-ha nice try FB 😒