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Zuck says if you're going take one thing away from his talk, it's "We're making the camera the first augmented reality platform" You can watch his entire F8 Keynote here. (it's all about augmented reality) Facebook wants to give developers the power to built for augmented reality, without having to build their own camera. And since no one else is doing it... they decided to launch their own augmented reality platform (the Camera Effects Platform). You can watch Facebook Developers promo video here: https://www.facebook.com/Faceboo... Good coverage from: The New York Times: Mark Zuckerberg Sees Augmented Reality Ecosystem in Facebook https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/... The Verge: Facebook launches a camera platform for developers to push augmented reality forward http://www.theverge.com/2017/4/1... TechCrunch: Facebook launches augmented reality Camera Effects developer platform https://techcrunch.com/2017/04/1...
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@nivo0o0 I'm hoping this is the beginning of something greater. I know things have to start somewhere, but putting whiskers on adults is hardly the most compelling application of AR. ;) I personally have always been really rooting/interested in AR. VR is great, but (and I'm probably wrong) I've always felt the mandatory requirement that you detach yourself from the outside world to be the paradoxical failing of VR (I know, thats the point). Something always bugged me about plugging in and ignoring what's going around me. Circumstantially, I think many people feel the same way (just look for used VR sets online, it's like it's own sub-economy). AR is inherently more socially engaging (depending on usage context) by mere fact that there's no disassociation from your surroundings. The problems AR could solve by providing more context about things around us (but firmly grounded by actual "things") is mind boggling. Super excited, i think this is the match to the flame.
Looks like FB is branching out into late night comedy!
So, basically, snapchat filters?
@casualmess Snapchat filters are a feature. This is a platform to build features LIKE those filters. very vig difference. Snap isn't letting anyone else play with their technologh. Facebook is.
@jasonhitchcock Agreed. But it's not 'revolutionary' or 'out of the box', they just took what Snapchat had and created a platform for others to be able to create the same thing. It's more of a 'good guy Facebook' than 'revolutionary inventor Facebook', but that's just my 2¢ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@casualmess that's correct
@casualmess I see that point, but assuming that developers will only build the same type of filters on Snapchat (facemasks) is where I disagree, and why the platform is a big deal. The fact that snap made the filters first doesn't matter because they're becoming an expected commoditized feature of cameras now, the way photo filters are now an expected feature after instagram made them popular. Whoever is labeling the platform as revolutionary is a getting ahead of themselves, but it appears to have more potential to be just that.
@jasonhitchcock Yeah, I agree. But I also think that their primary goal for this platform is for others to create Snapchat-like filters and therefore make Snapchat less relevant. I'd say it's kinda obvious that Facebook is putting in the effort to kill Snapchat, with adding stories function to majority of their apps and now releasing this platform.
So Snapchat has run out of big things to innovate on app-wise, and with augmented reality/world lenses really being the last frontier, Facebook senses it and basically gets their first. I don't think they care that much how successful it is product wise, more important for them to shut that door on Snapchat moving into the space. Killer move!
its always out of thr box!