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Thanks Jack for hunting our service.

Long story short, a few years back our team at EmbedSocial was busy with managing blogs and posting articles. We had an extremely time-consuming problem when we wanted to showcase a photo gallery with more than dozens of photos. And I am sure you know the drill: editing and uploading photos on a web server, then managing and updating. Additionally, it becomes a bigger problem as the number of albums increase.

It turned out there were a lot of people with the same problem, and that is how the idea for embedding Facebook albums was born.

With over 85000+ active embedded galleries for the past 2 months, we are aware that there are lots of more features that we can offer, so we started with a PRO version offering the most demanded feature - responsive design and added a few other features for customization as well.

I would love to hear your suggestions for further upgrades or ideas for similar products that might make your “web” life much easier :)

P.S we have an awesome 50% discount! Just go to our website and use this code “product” at checkout.
Jack Smith — Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
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