Face Crop

Center your profile picture using AI

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Face Crop is a simple tool which detects faces in images and crops them to ensure that the face is in the center. This stops the annoying issue of misaligned profile pictures, such as the example below.




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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I can see this being useful for site creators. When is the API coming out?
Michael LotkowskiMaker@downmoney · Cryptopass
@rrhoover Thanks! The GET API is nearly done should be done tomorrow, I just need to update caching so that it doesn't compute every time.
Corey G ™@iamcoreyg · Designer & Web Developer
Is this built with transloadit.com's API?
Michael LotkowskiMaker@downmoney · Cryptopass
@iamcoreyg no it’s built using aws lambda and opencv. I will probably do a write up as I found it very cool to use entirely serverless architecture for this
Corey G ™@iamcoreyg · Designer & Web Developer
@downmoney Tight! I've been looking into serverless architecture myself. I'm about to use the Architect framework for a project (https://arc.codes/), looking forward to your write up.
Bryan Menell@bryan_menell · Austin-based Entrepreneur
@iamcoreyg @downmoney Everything I think about these days, I try to imagine working with a serverless architecture. Following you on Medium now, I hope I spot it when it comes out.
Michael LotkowskiMaker@downmoney · Cryptopass
@iamcoreyg @bryan_menell Thanks Bryan, I should finish the write up this weekend. In a mean time API v1 is available here https://facecrop.xyz/api
Manikandan@manikandanux · Founder @ Radiohere.com 📻
Cool project! Api will be very useful :)
Michael LotkowskiMaker@downmoney · Cryptopass
@manikandanux Hey thanks, the first iteration of the API is available here https://facecrop.xyz/api. Let me know if it works for you and if you have any suggestions to make it better. I am working on entering multiple faces now and that should be coming soon.