Fabric mobile app by Twitter

Real-time analytics and stability alerts for your app

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 23, 2016
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Thanks for posting @felix! Hey Product Hunt! I’m Meekal, the PM for the Fabric app @Twitter. We know that the most important issues affecting your app don’t always happen when you are at your desk. We built the Fabric app so that you can monitor your app on the go and get notified when a crash is affecting your app’s stability—with the full stack trace, the number of affected users, and the breakdown of devices and platforms. The app is powered by data from Crashlytics and Answers, which are the leading performance and mobile analytics tools. Looking forward to your feedback and happy to answer any questions 😃
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@mbe just curious, how long has this been on the works? It looks very useful, I will download as soon as I find some wi-fi
Thanks @mbe for this. This was much needed. Nice simple and clean. Although would love to see a today widget as well
@kevinayuque we started working on this app about 5 months ago. We built this app after hearing from our community about how valuable it is for them to monitor their app even when they are away from their desks.
@sumitmendirata :) that's great feedback, will share it with the team!
@mbe @felix @twitter would you consider integration with automated code review tool for Swift? This type of tool would suggest refactoring opportunities and quality issues during development, commit-after-commit :) and could help reduce number of potential crashes before app is even released. Does it make sense for Fabric?
We at Doctors' Circle (http://drcl.in) are already using Crashlytics for few months now. Fabric looks like a natural extension to stay abreast about our app. What i liked most about the app - a) easy onboarding; my crashlytics a/c worked b) App size is 4 MB. Good job!!
Really great!!! I've been waiting some time for this. Good work guys @Twitter @mbe
@vkt0r @twitter Thanks Victor! Fortunate to work with an amazing team that cares so much about the product.
Thanks @felix! As usual Super cool tool! Well done guys.