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Thanks for posting @ChrisOryschak! Hey Product Hunt! I’m Meekal, the PM for Fabric mission control @Twitter. Since we launched the Fabric mobile app, we’ve been using the Fabric web dashboard (fabric.io) to stay on top of our apps. We found ourselves switching back and forth between different dashboards for our production and dogfood builds. And knowing that many of you monitor a lot more apps every day, we set out to build something that can make this experience completely seamless and empowers you to know your apps’ performance easily at any moment. See in real-time key metrics such as daily active users, monthly active users, and crash-free users to get a quick overview of app health, and zoom in on things that need your attention on Fabric with highlights and notifications! If you’re already using Fabric, sign in at https://fabric.io/ and see it in action. Look forward to your feedback!