Extra Crunch

A new subscription service by TechCrunch

Extra Crunch, as it says on the tin, is an additional layer of content, coverage, product and events-based offerings for our most regular and engaged readers

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Everyone's starting a subscription service now days. I bet TC's events serve as a strong driver of acquisition (subscribers get a discount on tickets).
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@rrhoover Thanks Ryan!
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News organizations are always looking for a way to provide content and generate maximal revenue, without paywalling their work. It looks like TechCrunch has found a solution! I am excited to see where this subscription service goes, and how other companies will be inspired to consider a similar model. πŸ‘‹
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Super interesting to see new models emerge in the news/media industry. Readers are increasingly willing to pay for good content without the annoyance of the ads, so I'm curious to see how this goes for TC! Thanks for hunting, @jamesg_oc! πŸ‘
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How does this differ from, say, other tech news subscriptions like The Information? Besides the cheaper price point, it looks similar with no ads/member-only events/conference calls. Where do you see driving the most value content-wise?
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@taylormajewski The main focus of Extra Crunch's editorial work is to help founders understand better how other founders succeeded as well as gain practical insights on the hard issues that confront early stage founders, as Matthew noted in his post introducing Extra Crunch. All that fits well with what readers expect from TechCrunch and clearly sets Extra Crunch apart from other, excellent subscription-based media offerings in tech.
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I think that TechCrunch faces three major headwinds. 1st: Its move from a must-read source of tech news and market mover to a more commoditized site. When I saw this announcement, I talked to three friends, and we all remarked how our info gathering has changed over the last 4 years at the cost of sites like this. 2nd: The challenges of businesses relying on display ad revenue 3rd: The "show me" attitude people have to any paid content play. I wish them luck, but this will be a tough thing to scale to a material revenue number.