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@neerajt4 Thanks for hunting! I have extracted this boilerplate from the browser extensions that I've been building for my side project, Email This. The Chrome Extension that is built using this boilerplate can be seen here - https://chrome.google.com/websto.... Currently, this supports Chrome, Firefox and Opera. I am working on adding support for Safari. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. I'd love you hear what you guys think.
@bharani91 All the best! :)
@bharani91 This is awesome! Is Safari support more challenging?
@contrer_as Yes, Safari doesn't use WebExtensions so it's API is significantly different.
@bharani91 This will be a truly groundbreaking product when Safari is done! Nice!
Extension Boilerplate converts modern ES6 JavaScript and SCSS to JS/CSS. Scripts are transpiled using Babel and bundled using Browserify. Sourcemaps are available for both JS and SCSS.
This is awesome! If it truly does what it says on the tin, I've just found a solution to one annoying problem. I've developed extensions for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. Chrome and Opera the same codebase works just fine. With Firefox, you need to rewrite it and you usually don't get access to APIs that are as painless to work with. Thanks for making this @bharani91!
Great job. Looks fantastic! Safari and Edge support would be good.
very good tools thanks for share