Express Packages by Eulerr

Express digital product design and creation

We decided to simplify the procedure of creating digital products and created new express packages 🚆. Express packages include the most popular requires from our clients.

We use next principles:

💧 Transparent processes and pricing.

⏳On-time delivery.

💰No hidden cost.

📈Our aim is to make a dream product for you.

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Denis Shershnev
Founder & CEO
Stas and I have been working in Software Development and Design for the last 10 years. Our clients are mostly Fortune 500 companies. The old style of business works in the following way: allocating more than 40% of the resources to the Sales process with the rest going to the production process. Half of the process involves onsite meetings and discussions. We believe that the system is broken. We are just getting started, but we want to bring our concept to life: Software development and design as a service. We decided to make an attempt at bringing boutique style services to the public. We believe in small agile teams - think Jeff Bezos’ “two pizza rule”: small and ambitious agile teams that can achieve big results. We have a dedicated staff that has experience doing projects for Fortune 500 companies as well as pre-vetted agile teams. Our staff is responsible for ideas and strategy with our partner agile teams for realization. All negotiations are remote; we don’t do onsite meetings. Our teams are located all around the world. That helps us to cut costs considerably and to keep the margins low. Our priority is to avoid hidden costs and to make sure pricing is transparent. We prefer to work on a time and materials basis, but in order to attract some initial contracts, we have made a decision to offer cost-effective express packages. Take a look at some of our first package offerings: ✔️ Landing page. For those who want to try a proof of concept, or sell goods and/or services. With our strong competency in design, we are more than happy and capable to help you. The package i ✌ 2weeks 💵 $2,5k ✔️ logo design 👆 1week 💵 $2,5k ✔️ Startup MVP. The main focus here is figuring out what the Minimum product is. What is it that customers are waiting for? We do this package only if we know that the customer will fully dedicate themselves to the project. ⚙️ 1 month 💵 $10k ✔️ Corporate website. We have a wide breadth of experience in this area. ⚙️ 2 months 💵 $10k ✔️ Logo design. We love to help create brand identity. See it come alive on a webpage. 👆 1week 💵 $2,5k