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#1 Product of the MonthDecember 2019
A one-stop aggregator for trending topics in health, business, marketing, fashion and more. Topics are sourced from millions of data points, including search, shopping and online communities.
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Hey Everyone 👋 I'm Brian Dean, Co-Founder of ExplodingTopics.com. I’m really excited to share Exploding Topics with the PH community and hear your feedback, questions, and ideas. ☔️The Problem It’s no secret that trending topics and keywords are awesome for SEO. New keywords don’t tend to be super competitive. And by getting in early, you can ride the wave as more and more people start to search for that term. 🌊 But how do you find these new, trending keywords? Well, I used to type random keywords into Google Trends and hope for the best… and scan Reddit threads to see what people are talking about. Both of these approaches were super time consuming and inefficient. What if there was a way to find emerging trends... automagically? In other words, what if a tool scraped the web for topics that are blowing up right now? Even better: What if you could find all of these emerging topics in one place? Spoiler alert: that’s what we just built. 😃 🛠The Solution Exploding Topics is a new tool that analyzes millions of data points around the web from sources like: ⚡Search ⚡Shopping ⚡Online communities ⚡Tech news And it identifies new topics that are starting to explode. 💥 That way, you can create content around these topics... before they get super competitive. We are super excited to be on Product Hunt today! My co-founder Josh (@joshahowarth) and I will be around all day to listen to any ideas and feedback you might have. Thanks!
@joshahowarth @backlinko Any plans for an API? :)
@joshahowarth @corey_gwin Not at the moment but it's a possibility for sure.
@joshahowarth @corey_gwin @backlinko How does this compare to Buzzsumo? Thanks.
@joshahowarth @corey_gwin @murph_alt BuzzSumo is great for finding specific types of content that has done well. This is for finding topics that are trending up.
@joshahowarth @corey_gwin @backlinko Brian, it is little unclear to me still. When I go to https://buzzsumo.com/ on their home page, I see Trending under their Discover....is that different?
In typical Brian style, the execution on this is great. Even more telling is that I've been back a few times, rather than just the initial "Oh that's cool" quick glance. I'm super curious what a one or two week timeline might look like - even if it's not as 'clean' and there are some anomalies, but the one month view is still really interesting.
@gaps Thanks Glen! I appreciate that. I'll ask Josh about shorter timelines. As you've seen, the one month timelines don't look super clean (it's the nature of new topics and trends). I'd also be curious to see a one week timeline for things that are in the super super early stages of taking off. Like you said, these may look a little spikey. But still worth looking into. Great suggestion!
@gaps Hey Glen, haha - thanks man! Big fan of Gaps.com :D I actually dug into the 1 week, but it's too zoomed in so a lot of things look flat with a massive drop in relative volume at the weekend.
@gaps You are everywhere man. I find you everywhere. Every groups. Appreciable man
Wow. That’s like a pre-curated Google Trends on steroids. Love it. 🙌🏽
@danbenoni Thanks Dan! Exactly. It's a curated list of terms/topics/keywords that are trending upward. But we also have a layer of curation to make sure that the terms are actually usable for content creators.
@danbenoni Thank you Dan - appreciate it!
Looking great! All the hot keywords at one place for you to use them.
@sasha_dal_ponte Thank you! 👍 👍 👍
I really enjoyed reading Trennd every weekend. Can't wait to see what new insights Exploding Topics brings!
@coderdannn Thanks Daniel! Josh has already expanded the source set quite a bit. So new topics are coming in more often than before. We're also working with a few other sources that should hopefully ramp things up even more.
@coderdannn Cheers Daniel!! Really glad you enjoyed it, and yeah we have a lot planned for Exploding Topics coming up 😛 It's not just search sources anymore like Brian said, we now have social, shopping and way more coming.
@joshahowarth @backlinko Awesome guys! Hopefully you will bring back the weekend updates
@joshahowarth @coderdannn Absolutely. We definitely need to add/relaunch a weekly newsletter that features cool trends. Just need to figure out the best way to do that long-term.
@joshahowarth @backlinko The original one was pretty good, although it didn't have a clear target, just a random spattering of keywords, which was actually pretty interesting. Maybe have some different categories that readers can opt into?