Curated Content Crafted For Your Taste. Explain Me Please helps you understand complex topics such as Bitcoin, CRISPR, and Ethereum.

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Hello Product Hunters! I am Faateh Mohammad and I am currently in 9th grade. When I got interested in Bitcoin and blockchain technology last year, the journey for knowledge was not easy. Most of the material out there about Bitcoin is written from the writer’s perspective but not from the reader’s level. Many Bitcoin explanatory articles are filled with technological jargon and difficult vocab words. Soon I realized that this is a general problem for many topics. Try to make sense of any complex topic, such as CRISPR from Wikipedia. It is incredibly confusing unless you are an advanced learner or an expert. After facing those frustrations, I decided to build Explain Me Please. Explain Me Please is an attempt to create curated, targeted content for the reader -- the reader who could be an ambitious middle school or a nerd. I would love feedback and criticism!
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@faatehim Nice work Faateh 👏
@faatehim aha! Although, ELI5 (Explain like I'm 5) would've been a better name IMO.
@saifalfalah Yeah, that was originally the case. However, I thought the topics covered so far were more difficult. Certainly going forward for some topics, I will target 5 year olds. Thank you for your feedback!
@faatehim The observation about writing from the perspective of the writer as opposed to the reader is a great insight. I think sometimes we write to communicate how knowledgeable we are on the subject as opposed to trying to communicate the subject itself. And I think ELI5th grader would be better! With every topic, there has to be a line drawn for where to assume the reader's knowledge level is at, and I think a 5th grade education is a good place that would be the most helpful to the most people. Maybe check out Love the idea; I spend an awful lot of time on the "simple english" version of wikipedia. I look forward to what you make of this :)
@faatehim Just took a real look at the site and saw the different explanations for different viewpoints. Love it! As far as getting expertise and varied perspectives on more topics, consider putting this on github! At least until you can get wikipedia-esque editing/moderation. It would let others contribute their knowledge, and it's a good place to talk about what kind of topics/features to add next!
Excellent use of Twitter's new 280 character limit:
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@nivo0o0 Thanks Niv!
This is the need of the hour. It's simply amazing how a 9th grader understands core human motivations while most first-time entrepreneurs focus only on building products that look cool. Keep adding more terms, this thing has a great future. Especially the way you executed by adding categories - "7 year old", "Average Joe", "Video", etc. This falls between Google Search and Wikipedia. Simply brilliant.
@krushnaal_pai I really appreciate your heartfelt response Krushnaal. It is my goal to make this an Improved Wikipedia. I will make sure to keep adding content on a regular basis. :)
Great work Faateh. Loved it 😍 I understood Ethereum finally 🎉🎉 Thanks to u 👍 Maybe u can check to find some content. It is also a great site related to Programming Content. Although, it is also new so not a lot of content.
@deadcoder0904 🎉 Yay! 🎉 Great to hear that! I will check out FreeCodeCamp :)
@deadcoder0904 another plug for free code camps new guide. It's kind of like what @faatehim is trying to do, but for programming topics.
Nice work @faatehim!! Love how simple and straightforward the website is. Can't wait to see more content. What is the end goal for Explain Me Please? Any plans or ambitions besides adding more topics? Congratulations once again!!
@thesameerk Hey Sameer. Thanks. I hope to build a next generation Wikipedia. Let me know if you would like to get involved in any way. I really appreciate your feedback.