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Love what @to, @uxceo, and the team have done. As a 2x Lean Startup Machine (http://leanstartupmachine.com) attendee and 1x mentor, I fully endorse the workshop and the experimentation board is a great framework to validate startup ideas. That said, not every startup idea can be "validated" with this process (products that introduce significant change in user behavior, e.g. Twitter). Agree/disagree, Trevor/Grace? And if not, how do you know if your idea is right for this process? P.S. Here's a related post I wrote a year ago: http://ryanhoover.me/post/451125...
Thanks @rrhoover! The core utility of every idea can be validated. For Twitter or even Product Hunt you would test if people want to do the action you think they want to (send a status update or submit cool products). So the first assumption would be that people even care. Then you could directly test if the product changes behavior and whether or not you can reach engagement levels to be sustainable.
@TO - I'm speaking at lean startup circle tonight. will be sure to plug Javelin