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Exercise.com is a platform for workout logging and workout plans on the web, iOS, and Android devices. Log workouts, gain insights, and reach your goals with Exercise.com. Whether you want to log an individual workout or follow one of their 400+ workout plans created by their team of Certified Personal Trainers (or create your own), you can easily log your workouts with their apps. With every logged workout, you'll get detailed stats and see your progress over time, including a detailed history for every exercise.
@erictwillis Thanks for sharing, Eric!
Thanks, @erictwillis! We believe that having a workout plan you can trust makes it easy for you to stay on track and achieve your goals. Logging your workouts helps you gain valuable insights to keep you progressing. With Exercise.com Pro, it's as easy as choosing a workout plan based on your goals, scheduling the workouts to fit your schedule, and logging your scheduled workouts. Our "Ask a Trainer" gives a Pro user access to our team of certified personal trainers who are eager to help with any questions.
This is a relaunch with new android and IOS apps, Great UX changes now to see if it is powerful enough to get me away from the computer. I like the custom exercise plans reminds me of @fittrapp in some ways.
@flipfilter Thanks for checking us out! Love the insights. Looking forward to you taking Tyler up on his suggestions. Great input, @tyler_spraul!
@tracyingram Thanks for taking an interest in our release. What would you say interests you more - programmed workouts (ie 4-week​ plan) or one-off workouts?
@jeffreycrews its hard to say mostly I like having a plan so I don't look like a fool in the gym. It seems everyone is on their phones these days so mostly 1 off plans until​ I get in the habit but the 4 week sounds better for people who are already at it.