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As this is a design platform... you may want to check responsiveness of your landing page ;)
Hey @bentossell we know about that , and will be fixed on next deploy, later today ;) tnx
@nykollam @bentossell Also double check your spelling ;) Your "Get Started Absolutly Free" CTA "Absolutly" should be "Absolutely". There's also a few minor spelling mistakes in the app. You may want to have someone QA it quickly and fix the noticeable ones as it can be a turn-off for some of us grammar Nazis :D Design and UX looks great however 👍
@axertion really appreciate this one, we will give our best to fix all spelling :), I'm glad that you like it design.
How is this different than InVision or Marvel?
@kvgauthier it will be free and we are working on to-dos (project managment integration), so designer can have all in one tool, that will be difference.
@nykollam @kvgauthier free for how long? Will premium features be introduced, and if so, what features? Since the free currently have unlimited projects, people, etc
@xinenhong that what is now free, will be free forever :) it will be premium features like - custom branding - team management - to-dos etc... Will speak about that later ;)
@nykollam @kvgauthier will it be with a Figma integration?
Hi Nikola, I like your site design. Did a specific agency design it for you?
Thanks @nyalex , no agency, I created that :)
LOL - Read the name as EveryBro! After thinking about it I figured out that you are Everybody. Is it pronounced EveryBow? I like your take on app prototypes. You'll want to create a ton of support content for it. Survey your designers to get a list of the apps they use and any leads on templates, tips and pain points that you can help smooth over. If you have an App Prototyping community you'll never have a lack of users. Rather than reworking the project management commenting and approval workflow I'd leverage Wrike, Asana and other tools with a way to map through you for actual screenshots, templates and plugins/extensions (Photoshop, SnagIt, Sketch, etc). I would look for places where InVision falls short to see if you where you can add value. Personally I would love to see an app on the iPhone that let you create colored backgrounds, import screenshots , add visual design elements (buttons, text overlay, linking to other pages) and very quickly create rough mockups that can be shared with clients for review and sent to my computer as layered Photoshop or to your Web portal as visual elements that I can edit further.
@riptide360 Thank you for feedback, the name is tough... evrybo = everybody (design and collaborate with everybody) this name is old more than 5 years and it was in my head, long story. We will improve our prototyping that is for sure - in beta is just small set of that, also we will not reworking pm tools, you will see when we release that in future. I like your idea about iPhone app ;) Really appreciate this feedback
I'm surprised no one mentioned the title: "Get design feedback on right place", I think I know what you are trying to say but as is written it is not in English. "Get design feedback all in one place" or "Get design feedback in the right place" [depending on intended meaning] or something similar...
@exlemor thank you for feedback, really appreciate this. We will make copy updates. Tnx :)