Evil Cogs

A mystery game about war between light & darkness

Evil Cogs is a mystery game about war between light & darkness.

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Hello Product Hunters! From my childhood I'm loving games, it's amazing thing where you can be anyone or do anything. Who can hate it? I don't know! Games were initiators why I have been started learn programming, it forced me to educate in technical university. They inspire me! Games changed all my life, and now is my turn! That's why I want to pass the baton to you. This awesome day, I want to introduce our game - Evil Cogs. I hope it may inspire somebody to do something amazing or keep moving forward to your dreams. The game was developed by just 2 persons with zero budget. Just our time and skills. Sometimes we have been founded help from third persons. For example translators from different countries helped us. To the game we put our souls and have spent a lot of time. Hope you will love it :) Have a nice gameplay! P.S. 28 March will be available on Steam
@ivanmurzak Great work! :) You mentioned that you got some help in translation, I don't know wether you are planning to support Arabic or not, but I can help you with that. :)
@ahmmu14 it's great idea! :) We don't have Arabic translation.
@ivanmurzak well then email me the text file/s at ahm.mu15@gmail.com :)
Reminds me of Limbo and Badlands
@joshdance We love both these games and Ori and The Blind Forest. I guess they inspired us :)
@the_ozmic we were inspired by this game. But Evil Cogs has differenct accent on mystery, graphic style and gameplay ;)
This is Amazing indeed. I am fan of gaming and i love it I am a Game Developer, can someone download my game and review it that how is this game and how much do u like it, hope for positive review, Hope you like it, Cheers! Following is the link below https://play.google.com/store/ap...
Reminds me of Limbo, really god job Ivan!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘