Text a pic of your license plate and get insurance quotes

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Pretty clever — snap a photo of your license plate and the service looks up information in public databases to identify your car, and then provides you with quotes from various insurance companies. In my testing, Evia was pretty conversational and accurate. Another very specific vertical-focused #ConvComm agent-bot!
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thank you @chrismessina ! We believe that keeping the use case very narrow (car insurance) will shorten the training period and reach higher levels of abstraction in reasoning for that specific vertical. We are excited to share what we have built so far with the community and appreciate your feedback. Bless up!
Nice idea!
Very excited to try this out!
Hey folks, we are combing through the invite list. We will get everybody to try it as soon as possible. Thank you for the feedback so far. It's been incredible!
@todkiry Would love to try this out now, as I host a Bot podcast and would love to talk about my experience with it on the show.
@ianmikutel We'd love to get you on board. Thanks for your willingness to share it on your Bot podcast. Watch out for an email soon 📨 👀
Oh man, need this now! Any chance to expedite the wait?