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Guillaume FradinMaker@fradingue · Founder, @mediatagio
Hello, Everytime founder here. Feel free to ask any questions. If you want to get a quick idea of what Everytime is for, I'd recommend giving a quick try to the demo tutorial, from the big red button on the front page or from this direct link: https://www.everytimehq.com/demo
Guillaume FradinMaker@fradingue · Founder, @mediatagio
@rrhoover I just added chapters in your interview with Jason Calacanis, using Everytime: https://www.everytimehq.com/medi... That helps finding which part of the video you are interested in. And you can embed that in any other website!
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@fradingue nice! This definitely make it easier to find specific parts of the video although I'm having a hard time thinking of use cases how I would use this. What creative or less obvious use cases are you seeing?
Guillaume FradinMaker@fradingue · Founder, @mediatagio
@rrhoover Here are the use cases I generally describe: - Adding chapters inside a video to navigate easily (what I just showed you) - Grouping together bookmarks from various videos, if they share a common theme. Here is for instance a playlist of fire reference that I use as a visual effect artist: https://www.everytimehq.com/play.... This is very useful when discussing with my team how to achieve a specific effect. We gather references about a specific subject and we can discuss about it without having to be in the same room. - I use it a lot to bookmark moments in movies on my computer, using the desktop app (https://www.everytimehq.com/desktop). This is great to get a higher level view of how a movie is built. This is a great tool for screenwriting for instance. You can read in the blog how I used it to understand better movies like Alien (https://www.everytimehq.com/blog...) or Children of Men (https://www.everytimehq.com/blog...). All in all, Everytime can be seen as a note-taking app, except those notes are tied to a moment inside a media. That means that those moments can be easily shared, searched for and discussed on. So any work or activity around media becomes much easier.