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Buy and sell one-of-a-kind items from the best estate sales

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EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE is a one-stop-shop for collectors and bidders to browse online estate sales happening all over the U.S. and to explore thousands of one-of-a-kind treasures. From antique and vintage furniture to rare pieces of artwork and everything in between, all items start at just $1 with no reserves and no premiums.

  • R. Brad Kirn
    R. Brad KirnHead of Sales @ Astronomer.io

    A wide variety of items, accurately labeled and described.


    Other people may want the same item, which drives up the price (as with all auctions)

    Great team, that are dedicated to providing an incredible user experience. I've never listed an estate sale, but from I've heard the EBTH team handles each sale with professionalism and reverence.

    R. Brad Kirn has used this product for one year.
  • Todd Henderson
    Todd HendersonDirector StartupGrind Cincy

    Exceptional inventory of unique finds. Phenomenal pics and descriptions. Can't lose out due to last second bids like other bidding sites.


    Browsing can be addictive. Possibly a huge time waster if you're not careful.

    Awesome platform. Great team. Smart, tech-enabled business model. Offers exceptional look at the items for sale. High quality seller and bidder experience.

    Todd Henderson has used this product for one year.
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Bobby Uhlenbrock
Bobby UhlenbrockMaker@uhlenbrock · CTO, EBTH
Howdy Product Hunters! I'm Bobby, CTO at Everything But The House (EBTH). We're the premier estate sale marketplace. Check us out at EBTH.com or with EBTH for iPhone and iPad, and starting today, I'm excited to announce that EBTH is available on the big screen via AppleTV. I'm here with Aaron, our Mobile Product Manager. Feel free to ask us anything about EBTH, building an AppleTV app, or just let us know what you think!
Kevando@kevando_ · CTO, Frameri
I love shopping on this site. Only site I know with an actual 'credenza' category/
Cam Burley
Cam Burley@codecamcode
So cool. You guys have done a great job with taking pictures that make previously owned items looknew. Really makes you want to shop one-of-a-kind stuff 👍
Petey DeJoy
Petey DeJoyHiring@pete_dejoy · VFA Fellow | Product @astronomerio
Really cool product with an awesome team behind it! A great place for vintage finds- browsing their site is a ton of fun.
Sandra Carden
Sandra Carden@sandracarden · Technical editor
A friend used EBTH for an estate sale, and she had a fantastic experience.
Bobby Uhlenbrock
Bobby UhlenbrockMaker@uhlenbrock · CTO, EBTH
@sandracarden That is great to hear, thanks for sharing!