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Everything is a bundle of paid newsletters focusing on productivity and strategy. For $20 a month, you get access to the entire library. That's about ~50% savings over what they'd cost individually.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Love to see new experiments that support indie creators (in this case, writers). @nbashaw @danshipper, if you could recruit a writer to join Everything, who would you most want to include?
@nbashaw @rrhoover Great question! So many amazing writers to choose from.. off the top of my head: Ben Thompson Polina Marinova Matt Levine Web Smith Li Jin Matthew Ball We love people who are at the intersection of writing and making. Will see how many of these we can get :)
Satisfied customer over here. IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER 🤯
Bit confused actually. I expected to come here and see comments galore... Y'all really not subbed to Everything?
High quality writing on focused topics I care about, currently productivity and strategy. It's been very inspiring to see how various companies and people are approaching these topics. In particular I love the Superorganizer deep dives that shed light into how other people are approaching goal setting, prioritization, personal knowledge management, etc. Very excited to see Tiago join the mix. His PARA and progressive summarization techniques have been a total game changer for me.
They're newsletters, but "newsletter" actually sells this product short. They're not only useful, but they're beautifully written, thoughtful, human essays that I look forward to reading every single week. The add-ons to make things actionable like templates and automatic folder organization for your desktop are great too.
My favorite notification to receive: something new from the Everything team. I absolutely love everything from SuperOrganizers, Divinations, and Praxis!