Routines to promote wellbeing

#2 Product of the DayMarch 16, 2020
EveryPlan is the idea to approach the mental load by use of checklists.
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But why do you have two apps for morning and evening?
@vladskripchenko A great question! The real issue I‘m aiming at is: it‘s *really* hard to build a habit. I‘ve tried many habit building apps over the years, and every single time it‘s one habit getting in the way of another one. I‘m just too easily distracted. My idea was to _reduce friction_ in building a habit. Having everything in one app adds another layer of friction: - Having 1 app: open app, select which routine to work one, tap started/completed. - Having 2 apps: open app, tap started/completed. I also hope that there some unconscious benefits, with your mind attaching some separate meaning to each app, making it easier to work towards consistency. I also wanted to master every details. A simple example of that is the morning icon is way brighter than the evening. This is done to catch your attention before the instagram does in the morning. 😜 And there are many small things like that, that help. Another example is both apps treat a day differently: - MorningPlan: day is spanning from 00:00 to 23:59. - EveningPlan: day is spanning from 4:30 to 4:29 after midnight. Because some times some sleep routines can get over midnight. There is also this thing in software development called Unix Philosophy. It’s really not so widely popular in consumer software, but I just love the first rule: > Write programs that do one thing and do it well This really speaks to my understanding of what good software should be. Along with the fact that it doesn’t include any ad trackers, allows you to own your data (export and delete), it‘s clearly priced (as opposed to being free and selling your data, or selling you a subscription without reason). I mean it‘s just beautiful, that my App Store installation file is 1.3 MB, less than most websites this day. It makes it so snappy.
So I‘ve been challenged by stressful mornings and unproductive evenings for too long. At first I used physical checklists. Finally I made an app for myself. Hope it can be helpful to more people!
@mishadrachuk Hey Misha! This is super because I read Atomic Habits recently and have been attempting to build systems during the day :) I encourage you apply to wefunder.com/virus. We're looking to fund $50K in founders building to make our new normal better and I think this is a great addition.
Excellent tool.
@ruslan_bakirov2 Thanks so much 🙏
Any plan for android?!
@alfaresamro Sorry, not really. I’m made this app for myself first and right now it doesn't even pay the bills yet. I just can't pay for an android developer. 😅
@alfaresamro @joseph_workman2 Thanks. I don‘t like the quality one would get from any cross-platform frameworks. Nothing beats the native. And quality takes over availability for me.
pretty well done