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Hey there Product hunt! Justin thank you so much for hunting us! We've just launched Everypixel, a smart image search tool for creative people with a price comparison. It covers 50 free and microstock images resources. My team and I are working in stock image market more than 10 years. During this time we studied microstock business and realized how that is hard to find an appropriate stock picture. It takes in average from 30 minutes to 4 hours and that is really annoying experience. We created Everypixel to make image search process handy. It works like Google Images but searches only across licenseable photos. Everypixel has a biggest database of paid and free photos, illustrations and vector files in one place. It has such a useful options like: — A price comparison. Search for the lowest price on the photo on various websites. Sometimes the difference is really surprising. — Search by any Image (try to search by photo, taken by your phone camera, you will be surprised). — A bunch of search filters that give you the ability to search by all possible attributes like color, orientation, image type, etc. Right now, we are working on AI algorithm that will estimate "the beauty" of photographs, and help searchers to filter out the trash. Would love to hear your feedback, thanks!
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@shiron thanks for the amount of time I'm going to save with this :)
@shiron So it's an algorithm, not AI. Got it.
@samwightt @shiron the development is in the process. Soon we are going to publish the close beta of the AI technology to measure aesthetics of stock images.
Wow, I believe I just "discovered my next favorite thing". Thank you, I look forward to supporting you guys as you expand your api reach! This should totally save me time!
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Wow, this is great. I write multiple blog posts each week and have relied on the search in Buffer's tool 'Pablo' (and then clicking through to download images), but this gives much better results. Will be using frequently.
Very impressed! Great application of Machine Learning that's sure to make life easier for any designer.
I love the ability to toggle "free" images on and off-- it's so, so helpful! The lack of that feature is one of my biggest gripes about many stock image searches.
@katesegrin yes, love the free filter as well. For all people not finding it: https://everypixel.com/free