Simple and beautiful habit tracker

everydayCheck helps you form new habits and get things done by working on things EVERY DAY.

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Reminds me of GitHub activity.
Hey! "Every day, it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day, that's the hard part." is the quote that inspired me to create this minimal app to do it EVERY DAY. Feel free to ask me anything. Any feedback is more than welcome! :-)
I've been looking for a similar app since forever. I was using todos with checklists in Things for the same purpose, but this looks much more convenient!
A mobile app would be 💯
@vesln Hi Veselin! I'm working on the mobile app for both iOS and Android, but I'll need some time! Glad that you like the app :)
@mezood let me know when it's out!
@vesln there are plenty of apps that do this. See 'Momentum', 'Habit List', 'Way of Life' etc.
@matt_portner my ideology is whatever can go in things or bear goes there, unless the ux or the feature set is worth it. everydayCheck has the potential!
Already seen this on the Indiehackers Forum, the simplicity of the Interface is really nice.
Probably I won't use it, but seems like a nice idea for people who wanna set their goals and need support to reach them. Nice! :)