Every Layout

Relearn CSS, by example

#1 Product of the DayJuly 27, 2019
If you find yourself wrestling with CSS layout, it’s likely you’re making decisions for browsers they should be making themselves. Through a series of simple, composable layouts, Every Layout will teach you how to better harness the built-in algorithms that power browsers and CSS.
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12 Reviews5.0/5
I think this is great and have absolutely no bias whatsoever. [fake moustache falls off]
@hankchizljaw Lol. Gotta give props for the sense of humour. It looks good though, will definitely give it a go.
Read the demo chapters and found the concepts and semantics you guys teach quite eye-opening. It's a good philosophy. I think personally I'd find it hard to implement as CSS is terrible, but I could definitely see someone learning this and having great gains. I feel like this is can provide the 'aha!' moment for CSS for those looking for it - as in those that currently find it clunky (like me). Great work guys - I like the way you guys write and present information
Have read the demo chapters, and they are absolutely amazing! Must read!
Thanks for making this Heydon and Andy! And lovely video :)
Tackles one of the biggest challenges in CSS head-on: how to model layout so that it’s clear, robust, flexible and maintainable. Does a brilliant job of showing how the algorithmic capabilities of flex & grid let us defer work to the browser that previously relied on brittle, imperative approaches. Really impressive stuff.