Simplified finances for self-employed people.

Every is a set of AI-enabled tools that automate finances for self-employed people. Every comes with an expense tracking app, FDIC-insured deposit account, and Visa Business Debit Card.

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πŸ‘‹ I'm Jeremy, an online entrepreneur and reformed tech exec. I started my first eCommerce business in University over 10 years ago. It's amazing to see how the community of makers, sellers, and freelancers has grown in the decade since; especially the last few years. If you run an online store, build indie software, own a digital agency, or run any other type of online business we want to hear from you! Traditional banks make things complicated. If you run an online business your bank account should be as easy to use as Shopify or Stripe. So we took a bank account, stripped out all of the extra fluff, and connected it to other services to make it smarter. It's fast, smart, and has no monthly fees (seriously). πŸŽ‰
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Looking really good. I have a question though. Is it gonna be one of those "Sorry, we don't provide services outside of UK/US/USomething", or will it be worldwide?
@rdev Sorry I missed this! Unfortunately it is "one of those" for the time being. Every is a real bank account (ie. not a virtual account) so it requires working with local bank partners and regulators to launch in each market. We are starting with the US and will launch in at least one additional market in 2019. Online entrepreneurs typically see revenue from many markets and the ability to bank in each is something we'd like to solve for in the future. Hope that helps!
@jeremywblack That sounds great! My issue with these types of projects is usually "US doesn't really need another one but X-Country does". It's good to hear you have plans for further expansion πŸ‘πŸ»
Basic question: I have a Transferwise account, a Monzo account, a Revolut account, why do I need another bank account? How do you compare and why are you different?
@thiagoafram interested in this as well
@thiagoafram Every is built for business owners. Transferwise, Revolut, etc. are fantastic products, but as a business owner you would still need a bank account when using one of these products. For example, you can't settle your Stripe transactions to a Revolut account because it is considered a "virtual account". A business can use Every without the need for any traditional bank account. We are also building a bunch of ways to connect Every to other apps an entrepreneur uses. For example, when you connect Every to your Stripe account, we can view "settlements" as they are approved by Stripe, and make the balances available in your Every account the same day, instead of you having to wait for funds to clear through the banking system first. Hope that helps!
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@thiagoafram @cellus_christie Hey Hey! Have a look at the reply below and let me know what other questions you might have!
@cellus_christie @jeremywblack Tried to signup but didn't get the confirmation email?
@thiagoafram just sent you an email to help get it sorted
I use Seed.co and they've been fantastic. Their support is literally lightening speed, which has been the biggest game changer vs traditional bank. What are your main differences to them? To me the settlement piece is interesting, but the real pain points are expense categorization, direct sync with the finance tracking/planning ecosystem (plaid, accounting/bookkeeping software, banking APIs), and transaction limits. I notice some copy on the syncing in particular - how's that set up currently?
@dshan @jeremywblack I guess one of the differences is that Seed doesn't support paper checks if it really matters.
@dshan Hey Derek. Thanks for the question. We certainly have a lot of spiritual alignment with Seed! Super fast, super personal support is the game changer for all of us competing with the traditional banks so yes, it's definitely a focus. Today most of our customers (we've just started to onboard non-friends and family) are using the in app chat to get support. We staff the phones 9-8 eastern time and give customers the ability to have us call them instead of the other way around. As far as differences, I sort of think of it as open vs. closed ecosystems. Seed has integrated some accounting functionality into their app, whereas we are partnering with accounting software providers to bring the bank account into those experiences. If you never came to Every, and simply used our product inside other products we would be happy. Today, we have a direct feed integration with Plaid, which helps to power real-time data exchange across most apps an entrepreneur would want to connect with their bank account. We have some announcements coming in the summer around deeper partnerships with specific platforms ;)
@dshan @aparkhills So far our customers aren't really using the remote deposit capture or paper check send functions. Our customers are mostly online businesses so it's not that surprising. I'd love to get rid of these features altogether.
@jeremywblack It looks like the focus on your website is with the iPhone app. Will you guys be launching an Android app as well?
@aparkhills Andy Andy Andy.... you're opening up old wounds over here at Every HQ. Here's the thing... I've been on Android since I can remember. Same goes for our head of UX. But right now our customer list is 75% iPhone users! I was surprised that it's this high. Our beta users are testing with a lightning fast web app right now and we're rolling out iOS next. Android will follow later in the summer. I find myself using web apps a lot more on my phone lately so interested to see how far that takes us in advance of launching a proper Android app. Thanks for the question!
@jeremywblack Thanks for the update, Jeremy! Will be looking forward to it.
@aparkhills @jeremywblack is it possible that only having iPhone app is drawing iPhone users? Can't have more Android users if you are optimized for iOS in search and discovery
@aparkhills @airjoshb @jeremywblack I'm one of those android users who hasn't signed up yet because you don't have an android app. I feel like it might be one of those chicken vs egg things.