Everlasting Wardrobe

The first rental-clothing service for growing children!

Kids Grow; Clothing Doesn't! The sustainable way to discover and purchase children's clothing. Never buy anything again, without first experiencing it. Access to member-exclusive discounts from the best brands across the world. Free Shipping both ways!
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Ahhh... so this is what you've been working on the last three years... Haha congrats son, Mom and I are proud of you.
Haha you guys are ridiculous! thank you for your support!! Btw Im surprised you figured out how to login :P
As an investor, it's been exciting to watch this team grow. What they've done in such a short period of time is truly inspiring. They are working with many of the world's top designers and they've established an incredible inventory of children's clothing that is simply unmatched. Josh & Drew - I'm glad that I've been able to witness your journey, and I love the value and options you are providing to families. Am I reading this right - is the service available everywhere now? If so, I'll be sending some West Coast referrals your way.
@glenn_argenbright thank you, it's been a pleasure working with you and the Quake team! We are available coast to coast now, and they can signup through the normal portal @ EverlastingWardrobe.com. Have them email us if they have any questions. A stylist will reach out soon after signup to get any preference info they'd like to share.
I love Everlasting Wardrobe. It gives me as a mom a chance to discover new children's brands. As for my daughter, she loves the variety of the offering and she feels like she gets to experiment with an edgier style then what's otherwise in her closet.
@aww thank you for all of the help, and the opportunity to serve your family!!
My wife and I have been using this service for almost 2 years (originally a beta-tester)... Our kids are now 5 and 7 (boy/girl) and this service has helped us save on the cost of clothes that our kids would wear and grow out of in months! Best part, for some fancy occasions, we requested clothes that have worked for us! Rather than buy a fancy outfit for a wedding that would be worn only once, it was included in the monthly package, saving us $$$! We highly recommend this company and the brands they offer...
@jar_mal thank you Jared for letting us grow with your family!!
We want start off this launch by thanking everyone who has helped us get to this point! Whether it be Team Members, Brand Partners, Beta Subscribers/Testers, current Members and every other person who has been a part of the journey. Please feel free to share your questions and feedback. We appreciate everyone for taking the time and checking out Everlasting Wardrobe!!