Reddit and Wikipedia had a baby.

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Everipedia is "Thug Wikipedia". It is a knowledge aggregator, kind of like Reddit/Wikipedia. Anyone can create a page about any person, place, organization, or thing and populate it with relevant links for that page. Everipedia is fun! We thought contributing to media aggregator websites such as Reddit was very easy, social, and enjoyable.. but media aggregator sites are not an ideal format for preserving useful information and knowledge about a particular topic. We changed the way knowledge is added, displayed, preserved, and understood on each page to make contributing links and information quick, social, and powerful. Basically, our two favorite websites, Reddit and Wikipedia, had a baby. And they named her Everipedia! She is beautiful, and you will love her, I promise..
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Gee, I love how Product Hunt is such a VIBRANT community with people asking all these great questions! So much social interaction, this is amazing!! THANKS PRODUCT HUNT!!!
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@mahbodmoghadam I just put up Sylvia Plath's first entry btw #milestones: http://www.everipedia.com/sylvia...
It's fun and easy to mess with so far. What was the original concept and where do you guys hope to be in six months?
@weinberg81 The original concept was "what if everything and everyone had its own 'subreddit'" so people can come together and discuss their knowledge of the topic in a new and social way that's not as formal/sterile as wikipedia (although we all are obsessed with wiki). In 6 months we plan to have EP pages for pretty much EVERITHING!
why is no one asking questions??? ASK SOME QUESTIONS PLEAAAAASE!!!!! (I'll answer ANYthing...)
@mahbodmoghadam first person to ask me a question gets a massage
@mahbodmoghadam What is your favorite Everipedia page right now?
@itsthomson @mahbodmoghadam I just put the first entry for steve jobs - SCAN-DA-LOUS: http://www.everipedia.com/stevej... (we stay on our jobs..)
Hey @mahbodmoghadam, you intro'd it as "thug wikipedia." Wondering what the 'thug' part alludes to? Isn't scary to use, nor do I see Pac anywhere (lol). Thanks!
@lejlahunts It is truly a thug experience. Especially with Mahbod, and I steering it. Btw, Pac is definitely on it. http://www.everipedia.com/tupacs...
@lejlahunts LOL it was @samkazemian who coined the nickname! I guess it doesn't make much sense - it alludes to the fact that everipedia is, on the one hand, muuuuuch more free-flowing and CHILL than Wikipedia, altho since it is based on adding links, the information on it will actually be more accurate! it's just the bestttttt Lejla you gotta sign up and make your own page! it's fun.. this is my page if you wanna peep! http://www.everipedia.com/mahbod...