Easy event ticketing without the ticket fees! πŸ—“

Easy to use ticketing for both event organisers and attendees. No ticket fees, just one low monthly payment.

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35 Reviews4.9/5
Hello everyone, I'm co-founder of EventsFrame and also the CTO. I've build several software companies before but I had the most fun building this one! I've used all my experience I've learned from when I built LeadPages to make this the best Event software. It's a lot of fun seeing all those live events using us. So great to be on ProductHunt with my friends from EventsFrame. Cheers, Simon
@simonprague is there a way to set a date for ending ticket sales that may be before the actual event date?
@simonprague @laura_bester_brown Hi Laura, currently this is not automated through EventsFrame, although you can setup expiry dates for discounts on ticket sales. For example, you could have a 75% discount that ends 7 days before the event.

Gave it a test drive and all I can say is it is really "designed to be as simple as possible". I highly recommend it for educators and trainers as it will make their lives easier.


Simple, easy to use, and great design


Nothing so far

Thanks a lot for your review Rami. Ease of use was a primary design priority for us.

It really works quite well, does what you'd want it to do. No fees is great β€” it works well for both free and paid events.

It's missing some smaller features but they're coding fast. Very solid, polished experience. Highly recommended.


Great product β€” it lets you put up events, on your own platform, and do whatever you want with them. Smooth interface, responsive developer.


They're still working on a couple smaller features like adding co-hosts with limited permissions to just one event, but making progress.

Thanks for your review Sebastian
Thanks Sebastian, this means a lot to me. Cheers!

Congrats on the launch, guys!

I remember when Simon showed me the first lines of code of EventsFrame last year. Since day one, he and his team had a clear vision of creating a superior tool for event organizers and a beautiful user experience for attendees to purchase their tickets.

They delivered. πŸ™‚


Top user experience, excellent pricing (No ticket fees!), it already has solid integrations and a lot more coming soon.


None so far.

Thanks a lot for the comment Pablo
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