A group calendar made for Slack

Eventbot lets you create events directly in Slack, no external apps needed!

Get more RSVPs by putting your event in Slack - and use Eventbot to keep your event from getting lost in the scroll back.

Eventbot helps you avoid "meeting invite hell" and works with the major calendar apps. Use our popular Free Plan or upgrade for advanced features.

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Thanks for hunting us @chrismessina ! 👋🏾 Hi everyone - we’re stoked to be launching on PH today! Eventbot is a simple calendar built for Slack teams, where * every channel is it’s own calendar * ! 📆 Create events directly from Slack, get personalized reminders, and export your events to your existing calendar! Your team doesn’t need to individually login or setup a new service. Eventbot has a robust Free Plan, with some advanced features on the Team Plan. 💸 PH folks get a special discount of 50% off their first month on the Team Plan with the code 50PH. 💬 We’ve just come out of beta and would love your feedback on the idea. There’s lots of features in the pipeline too, but tell us what would be valuable for you and your team! 💚 Thanks so much ! @joewadcan & @newtang
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usefull bot..
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Thanks ! @jiss_jose glad it's useful for you !
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This looks great! Is there a way to create recurring events like team meetings?
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Hi @kirstenbarkmeier 👋🏾 ! Recurring events is definitely on our roadmap, right now Eventbot can create single day events.
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