Etsy Studio

Sell your craft supplies in a brand new market

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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆
Etsy has such a great commitment to their creative community. This is a very Pinterest-esque solution to helping their crafters earn more from their projects by showing off the products and tools they use to complete their projects. Etsy Studio will launch with 8 million items, and is optimized to assist makers in tracking down any supply they need—beads, yarn, cut metal—using search functionality that can sort by size, color, material, shape, weight, length, or width depending on the medium. Each listing also estimates preparation time, tells you where the product is shipping from, and offers additional information about whether the supply is handmade or recycled.
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Naomi Assaraf 🔥
Founder, Golden Kitty Maker Nominee! 🎉
Brilliant. First they provide the platform to find makers' customers, and now they help to organize sourcing & procurement. Just brilliant. 🤓
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Guillaume Flandre
🛠 Software engineer ➕ 📸 Photographer
This makes a lot of sense. Etsy should continue investing in more stages of this vertical. It will be a platform to get inspired, buy raw material, and sell the things you make with it. I guess the only piece missing is a place to share tutorials on how to make some objects/furniture/whatever, and that would fill the gap between buying material and selling the finished product. Is Etsy School next?
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Abhilash Jain
Customer Success / Growth
Love how its become a complete marketplace for makers :) More power to them.
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Co-Founder, Hubble
Great addition!