Etsy Card Reader

Seamless Integration With Your Etsy Shop

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Pretty pumped about this release. The integration with Etsy inventory is the most exciting part to me.
@cap I know a few people with Etsy stores that sell at markets / pop ups who use Square Card Readers and the many other options that are available to them. This integration with their online inventory absolutely makes it a no brainer to recommend to them. Added bonus, it comes in a flashy orange color.
@cap since you work on Etsy's design team, have you considered allowing users to set defaults for the "about this item" and "categories" questions on the item listing tool? I feel like being able to set a default set of answers would allow me to list products faster-- it feels like a pain point to me every time.
Smart move Etsy
I'm looking forward to seeing the behind-the-scenes design story about this. I've heard Lara Hogan speak before, so I know it must be a great story.
I run an Etsy shop for my grandfather. I'm really excited to be able to track in-person sales alongside the digital sales. Since I've only listed about 5% of the art we want to sell on Etsy so far, the fact it can be used for items listed and those not listed is a very helpful feature.