Find fashion brands that fit your values

When it comes to fashion, tracking down pieces that are both ethical and trendy can be a difficult feat. Eticaly allows shoppers to find fashion brands that fits their values without compromising on style. The primary goal of this venture is to take sustainable fashion out of the "green" niche and bring it to the mainstream.

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Really great idea! Do you have any future plans for the website, or will you stick to the free catalog model you currently have?
@johnny_boufarhat Hi Johnny! Thanks a lot for your comment :) I think the next steps for Eticaly would be improving the filters system (nowadays is way too simple, just for testing the idea), adding more stores (we'll see if for free or not) and probably creating a community around ethical fashion. We'll see how it goes :)
I find the search filters on the main page kind of confusing. It draws a line through whatever you select but you can't select more than one. So it's not clear if I am filtering out the one I click or selecting it.
@punkscience Hi Darryl! Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it. You are completely right: the filters are way too simple... You can just select one at a time. First we wanted to see if it actually was interesting for anyone and now we are collecting all the feedback in order to improve it. We have a lot of work to do, I know. And besides, I haven't thought the line through the filter could be confusing, but now that you mention it I think you're right too. I'll keep that in mind for the next version :)
I was looking for this kind of catalog for a long time! I switched to ethical brands a few years ago, and it is not easy to discover brands in this category. Thank you for creating this @lorenacoronam What are your next plans for it?
@aleks_muse Hi Aleksandra! Exactly the same happened to me :) I hope from now on it will be easier for everyone to find this kind of brands. And, about the next plans for Eticaly, I think we have a looot of work to do adding stores, improving the filters system (offering more "values", price filters, target, type of product they're selling...) and I think it would be interesting too creating a community around ethical fashion or ethical living in general. Don't you think? :)
@lorenacoronam it is a great idea, I would love to join such community.
It would be good idea to make application for Android/IOS as well
@terrellsanchez Hi Terrell! It would be great! I hope it comes soon :) Thank you for the feedback.
This is a service that many community-driven people will find beneficial so congrats for your launch! As a suggestion, you may want to consider creating a page or just adding copy to the homepage that explains and defines what terms like Eco-friendly or Zero waste means when it comes to fashion so that you can provide education to consumers who may be unaware of this terminology. Filters for gender might not be a bad idea either so men and women know if a line even makes clothing for them. Wonderful idea and you guys should be proud!
@erikwgarcia Hi Erik! Thanks a lot for having taken your time to give us your feedback, is really useful for us :) I actually like a lot the idea to provide education and help to spread this vision of fashion and I didn't think about it before, so we're going to add the explanation of certain terms on the next version, thank you! About the filters, I think you're totally right too. We already had this in mind because right now the filter system is too much simple (just to validate the idea) but the option to filter according to the target is basic, so no doubt we're going to add it. So happy you enjoyed it :)