Ether is built on a set of small core libraries. Their simplicity belies the fact that they are the outcome of years of building design systems across projects that range from marketing sites to enterprise applications. These libraries won’t try to do everything. They try to do the right thing.

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What a name :)) SEO will be really tough !!
Seems promising and will definitely be giving it a try... Why did you choose the name Ether though? Seems confusing with all the crypto hype.
@nate_davis The name was actually locked in 6 months ago when we started the project. The crypto-explosion is an external thing we didn't really consider (albeit sadly, since I could have bought a jet-ski by now).
@ryanvsclark ha! Same here lol. Well awesome, that is good to know. Makes sense.
@nate_davis @ryanvsclark Ether and Ethereum have been around for more than 3 years.
@giannidalerta thanks for stating the obvious 👍🏻
This is a really great alternative take on the usual 8px grids and typography scales (which I haven't been happy with). I plan to implement this soon with styled-components and styled-system. I may just publish a style-system-ether theme.
I stared at the spacing squares in sketch for a couple minutes trying to figure out the weird numbers and then read the documentation. Really really interesting implementation of a Fibonacci sequence.
This is super nitpicky and not related to the (great!) product: GitHub has a capital H in it, please fix it on the site <3